Information on cost protection

Call barring

You can apply for the free call baring yourself at any time via the Internet at www.yallo.ch after registering in your my yallo account or by calling the fee-based hotline 0900 00 44 88 (CHF 1.50/call). In your my yallo account, you can only set a general block. Individual categories must be blocked via the customer service. The block sets are active within a few minutes.

Call barring for 090x numbers

Barring these numbers will block all calls to 090x numbers. This means that calls to many helplines, SBB timetable information, televoting, and general entertainment, such as horoscopes, chat forums, games, contests, surveys, etc. will no longer be possible.

Call barring for 0906 numbers

Barring these numbers will block calls to adult-content lines. You will still be able to access helplines or transportation timetables on 0900 or 0901 numbers.

Premium SMS

Call barring is also possible for different categories of Premium SMS. In addition, you can block and unblock individual numbers.

Our recommendation: In order to protect yourself from untrustworthy providers while taking advantage of entertainment and information services, we recommend call barring for 0906 numbers. Of course, any actively blocked numbers can be canceled at a later time.

Cost protection and price transparency for roaming

Whenever you are abroad, we will send you an info SMS with the rates applicable in the country of stay. You can switch the receipt of roaming info SMS on or off at any time in the yallo Roaming Cockpit or with the key combination *135# and call key.

Cost control for data usage abroad is activated by default for existing postpaid customers with a monthly cost limit of CHF 100. The limit can be switched off in the yallo Roaming Cockpit. When 50% and 100% of the set limit is reached, an SMS message is sent for the purpose of cost control. Once the cost limit has been reached, no further data can be used at the standard rate. However, roaming data options can still be booked.

For new postpaid customers, data roaming at the standard tariff will be blocked as of 10.07.2021. Data usage abroad without included data or data option is not possible. The limit can be switched off in the yallo Roaming Cockpit. A standard limit of CHF 100 applies for the time being.

The roaming cost limit includes the roaming data costs incurred in a calendar month without the charges for roaming data options. Under certain circumstances and depending on the country in which surfing is taking place, there may be a delay between the generated roaming volume and the sending of the warning SMS or the blocking of data traffic.

The duration of prepaid options for abroad will remain unchanged for a transitional period. Customers who travel abroad frequently or for several months can contact the customer hotline to find a solution.

Stay in control of your costs with the yallo roaming options. You can find all roaming options online in your yallo account at yallo.ch or in your yallo app.

If you do not have any yallo roaming options, we recommend that you turn off data roaming and use free wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) whenever


Activating the signal tone

If you activate the signal tone, you will hear an initial signal tone when making a call to a phone number belonging to a different mobile provider. This means that the call is billed either at the same rate or at another rate, depending on your subscription. If you wish to turn on the signal tone, press *148# and then confirm by pressing the call button. With the combination *109*mobilenumber#, you can also check in advance whether the number you want to call is in the same network.

yallo data options

If you have used up the data volume included in your yallo subscription, but you want to continue surfing at high speed, yallo offers the option of activating additional high speed data. Further information is available at www.yallo.ch.