Roaming with yallo

All you need to know about roaming

Cost control abroad

💡 If you want to continue sending and receiving messages, calls, and data while abroad, ensure your cost control limit is set to at least CHF 50.

With cost control you make sure that you don't get surprised by unpleasant bills after your vacation. Simply define your limit and keep your costs under control. If you set the limit to CHF 0 you can only use the included roaming. By activating the airplane mode you will have the guarantee to not roam at all.

Roaming Cockpit

Welcome to the Roaming Cockpit – your command center for seamless travel communication. Accessible worldwide at no cost through mobile networks or WLAN.
✔️ Order Roaming options
✔️ Manage your Roaming settings
✔️ Check your usage status

Roaming tips